The Lunduke Journal of Conservative Nerdiness
The Lunduke Journal of Conservative Nerdiness
The "Lunduke for President" Platform

The "Lunduke for President" Platform

The Lunduke Journal of Conservative Nerdiness Podcast - Mar 1, 2023

Ok. So I’m not actually running for President of the USA.

But… what if I were?

What sort of things would my campaign platform contain? What policies would I propose and support? What would I vow to do “on my first day in office”?

Buckle up.

The "Lunduke for President" Platform

  1. Immediately end all support — monetary, military, or otherwise — of Ukraine. Seize and recover any funds already sent to Ukraine which can be recovered.

  2. End all sanctions against Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine.

  3. Begin investigations into business dealings in Ukraine by various US political figures (including the Biden family). Publicly publish the full, un-redacted results of that investigation. If any laws were broken, bring charges.

  4. Withdraw from NATO.

  5. Abolish the IRS and the Federal Income Tax.

  6. Fund the students, not the school system: Whatever the cost, per student, is for the Public School System in any given locale… that amount is paid to every student age kid (their family). Any state that does not follow this will lose all Federal funding for Public School programs.

  7. Every government job — both the position, and the occupant — that earns over $150,000 per year must be approved by a majority of voters. If a majority of voters do not approve a position, it is eliminated entirely.

  8. Term limits for both Senate and House.

  9. Deport all undocumented foreign nationals. Finish border wall construction. Enforce existing immigration laws.

  10. Cease construction of East Coast, Off-Shore Wind Farms until the cause of the mass whale deaths is determined.

  11. Classification of “Drag Shows” as adult-only events, with Federal criminal charges against adults who violate that law.

  12. Any doctor who performs “Gender Affirming” procedures, or prescribes puberty blocking drugs, to minors is immediately stripped of his or her medical license and faces criminal charges.

  13. Launch an investigation — both at the Federal level and within all States — regarding allegations of fraud and election interference during the 2020 election. Publicly publish the full, un-redacted findings. No matter what they are or who they implicate.

  14. Release all “January 6th Protesters” who are not immediately brought up on specific charges with an case date of no more than 3 weeks out. All un-charged (or falsely charged) “January 6th Protesters” who were imprisoned or otherwise harmed by the Federal Government must be issued a formal, public apology and fairly compensated for the damages against them.

  15. Publicly release all documentation, un-redacted and uncensored, pertaining to the JFK assassination, Watergate, Alien contact, and UFOs. Any person or agency which attempts to block or censor those releases are immediately fired or shut down entirely.

  16. Immediately release all transcripts and documentation related to Jeffrey Epstein, coordinated with his victims.

  17. Resume a Weekly Presidential Address to the nation.

  18. Impose a rule where the President of the United States must take part in a press conference every month — that is no less than 1 hour in length and where all journalists present have the opportunity to ask one question, and one follow-up question. The Press conference will be broadcast live and uncensored. If the President is unable to perform this basic task, that means the President is unable to fulfill his duties and must be relieved of command under the 25th Amendment.

  19. Sweeping Copyright reform, including elimination of the Copyright Term Extension Act and all “Disney Extensions”.

On my first day in office…

What would I do on my first day in office? As many of those things as I darn well can. And anything I don’t do? That’s what day two is for.

What would your platform be? Disagree with Lunduke’s? Agree with Lunduke’s? Head on over to and let the world know.

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